Does Rice Water Really Help with Hair Growth?

Does Rice Water Really Help with Hair Growth_

Every so often a seemingly new beauty trend emerges involving the easy use of at-home items. If it’s not egg white face masks for clear skin, it’s olive oil for stronger nails. Recently, rice water has received the spotlight for its alleged miraculous hair growth abilities but does it really work? 

Yao Women

Rice water has been an age-old hair growth method for many centuries used by Yao women from the ancient Chinese village of Huangluo. The women are so well known for their super long hair that the village has been nicknamed the ‘Long Hair Village’ with floor-length hair a normal sight. 

Benefits of rice water 

Rice water is packed with antioxidants and nutrients which will give you healthier and stronger hair. While nourishing your hair strands, it can soften hair cuticles, giving your hair a shiny and healthier appearance. 

How to make rice water for hair 

To make it, rinse the rice and then soak it in water for 30 minutes. Drain the rice out but collect the liquid from it and use this rice water to soak your hair roots and ends. If you’re looking for added benefits, soak the rice for 2 days at room temperature and you’ll have fermented rice water. Fermented rice water contains more antioxidants in comparison to plain rice. 

While there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence of rice water benefits, unfortunately, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that indicates rice water can help your hair grow faster. In fact, this trait is heavily dependent on your genetics. For those looking to grow their hair quicker, you’ll need patience to see results. Despite this, rice water can still be beneficial.  

With how easy, convenient, and low cost it is to make rice water, it’s no wonder people are considering this ingredient more. But for those looking to grow their hair faster, rice water might not be the simple miracle you’ve been waiting for. It’s also worth noting most Yao women only cut their hair once in their lifetime. 

Rice water may not be directly correlated to hair growth, but you can surely benefit from it. Have you tried rice water? Leave a comment down below telling us about your experience! 

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