How You Can Support Your Local Tailors

support local tailors

There are so many talented tailors hidden in local communities that need your custom and support. Read on to find out how you can help. 

Tailors have a skill set that we don’t utilise often enough. We don’t all come in the same shape and size and this can make shopping for clothes more tedious, and online shopping even more stressful since you can’t try things on beforehand. 

They provide clothes made-to-measure and can create any garment according to your wishes. You’ll feel as though these clothes were made for you because they were! 

Bespoke cultural tailors for Indian sarees, Nigerian aso ebi, Ghanaian Kente cloth, and more are especially important for cultural wear. Given the intricacy of certain garments, you may often need a tailor with cultural understanding in addition to an eye for precision to provide the best results. Such tailors are not easy to find because they are often based within small local communities with very little, if any, online advertising.

Mussa Embalo, an African tailor based in East London, UK, is hopeful about his business profile on StylzMag. Despite his extensive design and tailoring experience, he struggled to promote his services to a wider audience. With no marketing knowledge or website to showcase his services, he created a handwritten sign to attract potential customers who stumbled across his poster.

Tailor Musa Embalo of Cosmus Tailoring

After meeting with a StylzMag team member, things changed for the better and he signed up to the directory.

“I like this platform; it is a good idea and it looks nice too. It’s easy to use. I am happy to be a part of it and hopefully get more customers,”

Mussa Embalo

Here at StylzMag, we want to ensure that people can access bespoke cultural tailors like Mussa, no matter where they are in the world and we need your help putting these tailors on the map. 

How you can help

If you know of any hidden local talents in your communities, you can help by spreading the word about StylzMag. It may be the tool that gets these local tailors the attention and business they deserve.

We offer a supported sign up process for those who are not used to online registrations. They can email or call +44 020 8638 7743

Are you a tailor?

If you are tailor you can sign up here today. We want tailors that can provide general repairs and alterations right up to bespoke and bridal wear. We also welcome tailors that specialise in cultural tailoring services for African ankara outfits, Nigerian aso ebi, Ghanaian Kente, Cultural Indian Wear and more.

Web-savvy service providers who are already online can integrate their booking system into StylzMag and reach even more customers. 

When you join the StylzMag.Com directory you can display pictures of your work, your opening hours, prices and more. You can also view and apply for tailoring work on our job pages. 

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