The Impact Of Covid19 On Beauty Services

Will hair, tailoring and beauty businesses survive the Covid Lockdown?

The Covid19 / Coronavirus pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge to all industries around the world including hair, beauty and bespoke tailoring (fashion design).

Many countries around the world have taken different approaches to halting the spread of the virus including quarantine, curfue and requiring many contact services to close.  Sadly, there is no clear end date in sight for the lifting of such restrictions leaving many service providers worried about the long term financial implications. In the UK where the StylzMag headquarters are based, the earliest hair and beauty services can potentially resume is July. This would mean up to 3 months of lost income for such service providers.  

Here is an overview of how the lockdown has been affecting some professions in the hair and beauty industry across the world.

The beauticians

In need of an eyebrow trim, a manicure, a Brazilian wax, a facial, and an eyelash extension? You will have to wait a little bit longer because beauty salons have not been authorised to open again yet. A trend of DIY beauty treatments has been popping up, with people documenting their attempts at beautifying themselves with nothing but home tools, online tips and YouTube tutorials. While some have managed to somewhat succeed, many ended up regretting their DIY decisions. There will be a battle for getting an appointment the moment everything opens again. But for now, we all just have to rely on ourselves and the internet to make ourselves look presentable for the trips to supermarkets.

The tailors and dressmakers  

It is unfortunate for couples who planned to tie the knot this year. The measurement of social distancing and government’s restrictions on the number of people allowed for social occasions are not likely to go away any time soon. As a result, many had to cancel their weddings and even struggle to get a refund. Tailors have not only faced cancellations from customers, but they are also not allowed to operate during the lockdown. Many tailors and dressmakers work for themselves or run family businesses. This has already caused many bespoke tailors and dressmaking businesses to downsize and even close down.

The hairdressers

There are many stories of hair stylists across the globe doing home visits and still offering secret hair appointments risking lives in the process. Since the Italian mayor of Bari publicly pledged people to stop calling up their hairdressers for haircuts at home, the Italian hairdressers had no choice but to stop all services. Some hair stylists have focussed their efforts on social media offering online tutorials. Customers are as keen for the businesses to re-open as the hairdressers but both parties still must prioritise health and safety above all else.  

Here to help!
The current situation is grim indeed. But this too shall pass and as business owners, your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop just because of the lockdown. Working on your online profile will help your business recover much faster too once you can work normally again.

If you provide makeup, hairdressing, bespoke tailoring or beauty services, we would like to help you work on setting up your business profile during this uncertain period by offering free premium memberships until 31st May 2020

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